The City of Oz | WHAT’S AT STAKE
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The powerful impact of Australia’s regional and rural community is
often unappreciated, undervalued, undermined and underutilised.

The threats

  • Export income lost
  • Job losses across regional and rural Australia
  • Dig it up / cut it down mentality
  • Quality and pricing of our food under pressure.
  • Lack of leadership and purpose from our politicians
  • Farm debt growing exponentially
  • Importance of Australian agriculture to prosperity is grossly underrated

We risk

  • Loss of experienced farmers and knowledge (IP)
  • Depletion of biodiversity alongside food production/resources
  • GNP dependence on mining
  • Limited rural engagement in entrepreneurial revolution
  • Continued lack of leadership and purpose from our politicians
  • Dislocation of rural communities.

The Australian rural sector and farm-dependent economy accounts for 12% of GDP, 14% of exports and 17% of employment. (Mining accounts for 9% of GDP, 35% of exports and 2.2% of employment.) Source: Rural Research and Development Council 2012

According to the ANZ Banking Group, Australia needs an extra A$1 trillion in capital over the next four decades to improve agricultural supply chains and production and fund the transfer of farms to a new generation.

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