The City of Oz | WHY CITY OF OZ?WHY NOW?
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Regional Australia is currently underutilised, unappreciated, undervalued and undermined.

Many factors influence the current state:

  • Lack of agriculture education programs and new students partaking in them
  • Cuts to, and poor appropriation of, R&D funds
  • Increasing cost of land in comparison to earning ratio, acting as barrier to new entrants
  • Inadequate management and sharing of innovative processes yielding vast inefficiencies
  • Capital crisis
  • Medium farms dwindling – either conglomerating or downsizing
  • More drastic weather and lack of resources to respond
  • Lack of expediency in identifying and addressing emerging issues
  • Australia does not have a non-competitive trading channel – fierce competition and declining terms of trade are a reality

  • Decisions based on short-term expediency rather than long term planning and investment in our future
  • Cost of land – earning capacity ratio a barrier to new entrants
  • Production impacted by climate change
  • Farms losing viability (measured by ability to invest in future and maintain standard of living)
  • Marginalisation of farmers and rural communities – low social-status amongst broader population
  • Losing ability to pass on a working business to future generations
  • Can create future economic instability
  • Non-diversification in comparison to competitors

Our aim in creating City of Oz is to be a catalyst for change – to partner with passionate experts to ignite and connect regional Australia and unlock our country’s full potential.

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